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someday i hope my ocs can be someones fave character. that’d b cool

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ugh I’ve been in an art block for over a week how frustrating >_>

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sup cutiebutts

anyone interested in buying commissions? :3

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as fotos da festa ficaram ótimas.exe

oi? festa??

brbrrbr laura I think Elegy Cleon's going good so far u o u The art is consistent, the story is progressing as it should, and there's fun bits where there needs to be u o u Gosh your style in it is really perfect and just barrrgh it's good ; v ; I think you doing fiiine so far girl. i believe in youuuu

oh my gosh sorry for such late reply aghh ;o;

and thank you so much for your opinion andj ust always being there for support gosh hinaaa


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*touches face and runs*


NAH I kidd~~

//snuggles you

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